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Local policeman is ‘a bit of an idiot’

A previously respect police officer has today been called an ‘idiot’ by a local villager, reports say.

Policeman Joseph Winston has been working in the police force for the last three years and has been responsible for 12 reported accidents and is known to have fallen out with most other staff.

Flamenews spoke to resident John Sampson who said “this man is a bit of an idiot. He turned up to my house after it had been burgled to investigate. I told him what had been stolen – my flat screen television – and instead of trying to look into it, he went on about how his cousin had only recently got hold of one after looking around for years. He then went and helped himself to some coffee (which he managed to spill over the carpet). This man should not be in such a high role.”

Despite his newly-earned reputation, Winston has been keep to help improve the police force. When interviewed by Flamenews he told of his recent suggestions, such as longer lunch breaks, and replacing sirens with Nickelback records so people are likely to move out of the way faster.

Flamenews will keep updated with details.