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Bass players actually ‘more awesome’ than guitarists

Bass players are actually more awesome than guitarists, new research proves.

Although previously thought to be the most awesome member of the band, it has turned out that actually the lead guitarist is not as awesome as the bass guitarist.

A bass guitar. Bass guitarists are now officially recognised as awesome.

Industry insider George Dawn told Flamenews – “It’s not really a shocking discovery. Whereas a singer or a lead guitarist needs to run and jump around on stage to be noticed, the bass player can just stand in his spot and play, making him awesome.”

This discovery has encouraged band The Party Play Band to try a new, bass heavy sound on their new album. Band frontman Ziggy Winston told Flamenews – “As we now know bassists are awesome, we have gone for a heavy bass sound, with all four of us playing bass instruments. Play this album through good speakers and it’ll feel like an earthquake!”

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Nickelback “aren’t that great”

Popular rock band Nickelback aren’t actually that good, reports say.

The band, notable for songs including “Rockstar” and “How You Remind Me”, are known to have a large following amoung young people, however recently it has appeared that the band are overrated and their music is dull and unoriginal. Long time Nickelback fan Josh Johnson told Flamenews “I am so amazed by the discovery! I used to listen to their music without noticing how repetitive it actually is!”

Fans are noticing Nickelback's music isn't anything particularly special.

Money savings expert Sarah Ross has told fans of the band “to save money, you should simply purchase one Nickelback song from a service such as iTunes and listen to it on repeat instead of buying a full album. This is cheaper as it has the same effect for a much lower price.”

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Fans are noticing Nickelback's music isn't anything particularly special.

Europe to feature in Guitar Hero game.

Hard rock band Europe are to feature in the new edition of Guitar Hero, reports say.

According to an earlier Activision press conference, “Guitar Hero: Europe” will feature exclusive motion captured versions of the band in-game, as well as access to exclusive photos and videos from Europe’s concerts.

Europe will feature in their own edition of 'Guitar Hero'.

The game will feature both of Europe’s hits as well as tracks from other bands who Europe say have inspired them, such as the Foo Fighters, blink-182 and Nickelback.

Throughout the game, developer Neversoft say that players “can feel what it’s like to be at [Europe’s] concerts and play on stage as a band who open for Europe”.

This follows the release of the hugely successful “Guitar Hero: Van Halen” released earlier this year.