Apple to release new iPhone 4G-DX-3000 PRO

After many months of speculation Apple have finally confirmed it will release the latest member of the popular iPhone family, the iPhone 4G-DX-3000 PRO on November 24th 2010.

The product, which is a follow-up to the iPhone 4 previously released, will support and expand upon features introduced in Apple’s sister product the iPad, including a larger size and support for iTunes apps designed for the iPad.

Apple boss Steve Jobs presents the new size iPhone, which is over 100000% size of the previous model.

The product already has support from the long term fans. Dan Williams, a fan attending Apple’s press conference, said to Flamenews “I think that the iPhone 4G-DX-3000 PRO will be Apple’s best iPhone yet. All the additional letters in it’s name show sophistication!”.

Darren Westwood, Apple Staff Member, said “Here at Apple we specialise in bringing products to the consumer that they never knew they needed, and the iPhone 4G-DX-3000 PRO is no exception.”

Flamenews will bring you more news as it arrives.