Computer mice ‘carry disease’

Computer users are being warned about diseases being carried by computer mice.

There has been a number of incidents of many different diseases being passed on from computer mouse to humans in the past few months. This is believed to be due to a lack of care being given to the mice, which leads them to obtaining contageous diseases.

Researcher Thomas Wilson told Flamenews “there is a worrying increase in lack of care for computer mice in modern times. As always, users are encouraged to clean their mouse regularly and ensure that it is in the correct functioning position.”

Killer: The computer mouse is prone to a number of diseases.

Wilson also said “Computer mouse users are also responsible for ensuring their mouse is regularly checked by a vet.”

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Rick Astley to judge new X Factor series.

Famous pop-musician Rick Astley is to appear on the judging panel of talent show The X Factor, reports say.

The singer, famous for the hit “Never Gonna Give You Up”, is set to appear as a judge for the popular TV talent show, where along with the other judges he will assist with finding the newest pop act in Britain. The change has come as a suprise to long time fans of the show, as many were not expecting any additions to the panel this year.

Rick Astley will appear on this year's X Factor.

X Factor owner and judge Simon Cowell told Flamenews “I am thrilled Rick has decided to appear on the show, as he is one of the biggest stars in the music industry, and is well known as he stars in about half of all videos on YouTube. I can’t wait to work with him on the show!”

Exclusive Flamenews Reader Offer

Flamenews is proud to announce that it is offering an exclusive Milli Vanilli live MP3 for every reader.

This official bootleg comes directly from the microphones from one of Milli Vanilli’s famous live concerts and has been made available for Flamenews to share with readers.

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Cows “actually exist”

A creature previously thought to be fictional has been spotted in a small farm.

The creature, known as the cow, was previously known only in legends and in fiction, however two tourists have seen a large number of the animals for themselves.

One of the tourists, Louie Zetzinska told Flamenews “My wife and I have been travelling around the country over the past year. At one point we were driving down the road next to a farm, when my wife suddenly shouted at me to stop the car. At first I thought I’d run over another goose, but then I saw that in the farm there was a large field with about 20 or 30 of the mythical creatures! I couldn’t believe it!”

A "cow", the creature that Louie Zetzinska saw.

This is not the first time a creature has appeared that was previously thought to be fictional. Kevin Williams, scientist, once saw a strange creature in a lake. He told Flamenews “It was strange. It was swimming on top of the water and looked like a real life Psyduck!”

Flamenews will be the first to report on any other animals that people find.

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Man finds out neighbour “doesn’t really like” him.

A man has found out that his next door neighbour actually hates him after thinking he was beig a good neighbour for five years.

Richard Well, who lives next door to Dann Taylor, told Flamenews “I can’t believe he doesn’t like me. He always seemed friendly talking to me and didn’t mind when I accidently burnt down his garden fence or crashed into his car.”

Dann Taylor, when questioned, said “I can’t believe that moron thought I liked him, he does nothing but cause trouble around this area.”

Richard Well went out of his way to impress Taylor and be a good neighbour. “I do everything I can for him. I painted a giant picture of Spongebob on his front door for him and I play my Ricky Martin records up loud overnight for him. It doesn’t make sense.”

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