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Major record label in financial crisis after teen uploads music track to YouTube

Music company Warner Music Group is in severe financial trouble after a teenager uploaded a track to video sharing website YouTube, it has emerged.

On 13th June, 2011, 14-year old Jordan Smith uploaded a videogame montage to YouTube which featured the track Hysteria by Muse as background music. This has led to mass disruptions to content owner WMG’s business due to the fact that music fans can now listen to the track for free in Jordan’s video instead of paying money on a service such as mflow or iTunes for the song.

Jordan first became aware of the damage his low-resolution video was doing to the music industry when WMG filed a copyright claim on his video. He soon disputed this claim, saying that he felt that featuring the song would encourage fans of his videos to buy Muse albums, however this was rejected and his video was removed.

A representative from WMG said “I find it appalling that today’s youth find it acceptable to deliberately damage our business like this. The fact that his video is playing the song to a massive audience who weren’t even aware of the band’s existence beforehand for free has meant that we have lost a significant number of sales which is leading our business into crisis.”

“We feel it is necessary for young people to be aware of how their online actions can damage entire industries like this, and that as the bands themselves only receive a very small cut of the sales money it is important that their albums sell in large numbers to make it worth their while to keep making music.”

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Online role-player actually has a social life

A man who plays Role-Playing games on the internet turns out to be fully capable of interacting in public, reports have shown.

Jason Jetson, 22, has been playing text-based “RP” games on internet forums under the username “JJ120” for the past five years, however this week it has been discovered that he actually has a steady job at a supermarket as well as even having the occasional night out with friends. This is a contrast to many of his Role-Playing peers who stay committed to their games.

Some other RP players have not taken the news well. RP fan jamesthekid told Flamenews “I’m a little hurt about this shocking revelation, if I’m being honest. I just feel betrayed at the idea that whilst me and Hacker09 were levelling up and finding weapons for the team, Jason was sneaking out and having a beer with his mates”.

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