New cartoon violence rules to come into effect

After the long war against cartoon violence, new regulations are to come into effect this summer.

A newly formed group PAATOF (Parents Against Any Type Of Fun) have launched some new rules regarding cartoon violence which will come into effect in the UK from 1st August, 2010. Some samples of the rules included in the PAATOF’s 238-page document include –

  • Any animals shown in the cartoon must not have any visible claws or teeth as this may lead to children becoming frightened.
  • No characters are to be shown holding any kitchen equiptment as this may lead to cannibalism.
  • No characters are to have spiked hair as this may be able to hurt someone.
  • No electrical devices (such as televisions, media players) are to be shown as these could electricute somebody.

Classic children's cartoons, such as Mickey Mouse, will be edited to meet the new requirements. (Picture © Walt Disney)

Some other changes that the PAATOF are planning to introduce to children’s programming is to remove all music from the shows as some musicians have taken drugs which would be a bad influence on young children.

PAATOF representative Donna Simpson told Flamenews “today’s children are not intelligent enough to distinguish the differences between real life and fantasy so we have to deprive them of anything we don not like.”

  1. I am speechless.

    I am dying laughing.

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