Child injured by video game as video game violence reaches new level

After the recent cases of children becoming injured and killed by videogames, another child has been left with serious cuts and wounds by a videogame.

Dominic Way was playing the game when it flew out of his games console and attacked the child, leaving him with several wounds.

Video game violence has worried parents for several years now. (Stock photo)

The videogame industry, which took in around $11.7 billion in 2008, is said to be one of the greatest evils in the world. Various newspapers have shown that more and more children are being injured and sometimes murdered by the games. One of the most dangerous videogames, Grand Theft Auto, has been involved in cases including including placing children in gangs, schools being blown up and causing global warming. The creator of the videogame refused to comment.

  1. FC, you are a genius. XD This is Kudamon btw.

  2. Hehe, no OK. A graliście już w demówkę GTA 5?

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