Cure for left-handedness in the works

The plague that has affected around 8% of the population in the past may finally be cured.

The disease, known as left-handedness (also known as cack-handedness) affects many people in the world, forcing them to use their left hand more than their right hand. This can cause problems in day to day life such as having poor writing and needing specialised ‘left-handed’ products usually charged around double to that of a right handed equivalent.

Some well known left-handers include Paul McCartney and Barack Obama

Researchers are in the process of developing a drug which would alter the development of the body so that they function the opposite way round, allowing left handers to eventually work right handed.

The development of the drug has been controversial amoung left-handed shop workers. David Jameson told Flamenews “I am disgusted at this obvious attempt to put me out of business. We have been running our business for years, allowing a very small amount of the population to purchase goods that no-one else around them can use. This is an attack on my business and the scientists should be ashamed!”.

Flamenews will have more as it arrives.

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