Chocolate is linked to weight loss

New studies say that eating chocolate may actually lead to people to weight loss.

This clashes with the previously-held belief that too much chocolate would lead to a build-up of fat causing people to become overweight. It is unknown where this belief came from but now scientists have proven it wrong, with new research sponsored by Cadbury PLC.

This is breakthrough research and the new recommendations have already been adopted by weight loss support groups. Regular John Scotto told Flamenews “I was amazed by the discovery! I’m 39 stone at the moment and I thought eating chocolate was doing me damage but it’s been helping me out the whole time! The first thing I did when my friend told me the news was to go and buy about 40 bars of Dairy Milk and I’ve been ploughing through them like no-one’s business!”.

Cadbury Dairy Milk - The research project has been funded by Cadbury PLC.

    • Argorok
    • June 22nd, 2010

    This theory is absolutely correct! I ate 50 bars of chocolate yesterday, and my weight completely changed! This study is AMAZING!

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