Man buys limited edition IKEA pencil for £250,000

The world’s most valuable pencil was sold yesterday, reports say.

The pencil is branded by furniture store IKEA – the pencils are given to customers to make notes of items they are purchasing. The pencils usually have official IKEA branding along the side, however the £250,000 pencil, purchased yesterday by Lord Notquitethere, only features the text IKE, with the A not featured due to a typing error. If one looks closely, they can see a faded A, as if it had been scratched away by a coin.

The special limited edition pencil

Lord Notquitethere is known for collecting factory error products, some other items in his collection include a computer keyboard which is missing an ‘M’ key as well as a special collectors TV which has no remote control.

    • Tess.
    • June 21st, 2010

    Could you believe that I have secret millions stashed away in my house in the form of IKEA pencils? I’m putting them somewhere safe, brb….


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